Terms & Conditions

Usage Rights 

Euphoria Factory owns and retains the rights to the artwork and digital files listed on our website and social media pages/groups, etc. Euphoria Factory designs are for personal use or for use by small businesses. Once purchased, you may apply our designs to products using whatever methods you choose, then sell those products to your customers. We currently do not place restrictions on the number of prints you can make, or the number of products you offer a licensed design on. When you purchase a design, it is automatically licensed for the aforementioned uses. We reserve the right to change the terms of design purchases at any time, for any reason, and without notice. 

Usage Restrictions 

The resale of, sharing of, unlawful copying, or any other distribution of Euphoria Factory digital files is strictly prohibited. Violation of Euphoria Factory’s Usage Restrictions will result in your license being revoked. Violations of these policies may also result in legal action, a permanent ban on future purchases, and the removal of your account from our website and social media pages/groups.

Watermark Requirements

Any image depicting Euphoria Factory designs that is shared on a website, social media pages/groups, blogs, or any other publicly accessible medium, must contain a clear watermark. The watermark must be placed in such a way that the artwork cannot be printed or otherwise used without the Euphoria Factory purchase license. You may use the Euphoria Factory watermarked images from product listing on this website, or you may provide your own watermark over purchased images or over product photos you take. Euphoria Factory defines a Watermark as a faint image or text placed over another image to obstruct unauthorized usage of our licensed artwork. 

Download Policy 

Typically, a purchased file remains available for download indefinitely. On rare occasion, if a design is retired or deprecated, the original file may no longer be available to re-download. To avoid any file availability problems, we strongly encourage you to download your files immediately after purchase, or within a maximum time of 30 days. If a file is removed from our site, for any reason, it will no longer be available and will not be replaced. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to download all purchased files.

Euphoria Factory reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time for any reason and without notification.